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Singles Travel Club - Join Club 50/50 Now! and have opened a singles travel club...Club 50/50 ...single travel for groups to various destinations. Singles cruises - single travel tours - single travel groups. Our policy is a 50/50 male/female ratio in small groups...20 to 40 is a typical group size. Single travel tours will be offered for different price ranges from budget to deluxe. Generally, groups will be set up by age range according to the tour, cruise, or activity. There is no cost to join - simply sign up to be on our mailing list via phone or email, and specific single travel opportunities will be sent to you. Here are two groups in the planning stage - let us know if one of these options interests you.

Option 1 - New Zealand Singles Tour:
Age range 30-50. 20-40 single travelers, 50/50 male/female ratio.
Twelve days on New Zealand's North and South Islands. Caves, downhill luge, Maori culture show, volcano, inter-island ferry, Abel Tasman Park, wine tasting/visits, glaciers, volcano, Milford Sound, white water rafting, and spectacular scenery. There are optional activities. The tour will be a mix of great sightseeing plus safe adventure one of your new-found friends bungee jump while you have a warm cup of coffee at a safe distance. Or, maybe you are the jumper !

We are thinking March 2006 for the first of what we plan to be a series of these New Zealand singles tours. Details not yet set, but you are probably looking at a price somewhere between $2200 and $2500 USD based on LA departure...if you are coming from the East, Midwest, or Canada, probably be a few bucks more. Be sure to let us know if you are interested in Option 1.

Option 2 - Singles Cruise-Mexico:
Two age ranges: 21-39 and 40 plus, and as always limited to 50/50 male/female ratio (hello-o - that's why we are Club 50/50.)
We fly you from anywhere to Los Angeles on Friday, you board, meet your group of 20 to 40 single travelers at our reception - meet your cruise warden - and set sail for Ensenada. Lounge around with your new-found single traveler friends - see the shows - dance away the late hours -participate in the ship board activities - and join our group's collective activity. Dock Monday morning, and transfer to the airport for your flight home. You busy folks note: this only takes you away from work on a Friday and a Monday...minimal vacation days needed.

We want to keep the group fairly small for an intimate size...if you want a huge group we can get you Rose Bowl tickets. For the budget-conscious, there will be same-sex cabin sharing opportunities. We think you are looking at a pretty cost-effective situation...cabin costs set by desired cabin level and sharing opportunities. Haven't worked it out but guess we are talking $400-800, depending, plus your airfare to LA. We plan the initial singles cruises for these two age-range groups in the spring of 2006, so get on our single traveler mailing list now so we can keep you posted. Be sure to advise us if you are interested in Option 2.

Click here to learn more about our current Club 50/50 Mexico Cruise package

Plus...there will be other options as we go along. Hope to see your email. ! Oh, and by the way, the first 100 single travel folks who sign up will be "Founding Members" and eligible for untold perks and preferences as we go along. You will have a number between 1 and 100 if you hurry.

Sign up for Club 50/50 Here!

Title:Mr.    Mrs.    Ms.
Travel option:New Zealand    Mexico
Smoking:Non-smoking    Smoking
Age range:21-39    40-55    55+


TOUR AROUND THE WORLD! avails itself of the services of a large number of excellent tour operators - many specializing in particular destinations.

One of our favorite suppliers is the outstanding Brendan Tours, which offers tour services around the world.

We have used this operator for many years, and find they provide excellent and reliable service... more >>

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where we have gathered information on regular guided and unguided tours of New Zealand, and specialty areas, including wine, scuba diving, bed and breakfast venues, 18-35 age group tours, and adventure tours for all ages. We loved it there and are sure you will too... more >>

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